Happiness- It isn't a state to arrive at, it is a way of being. Situations may influence who we are but we are responsible for who we become.

I have had horrible things happen to me starting at a young age. Being molested, my sperm donor (that's what I call my real dad) leaving when I was 5, being homeless. After my grandma died of breast cancer my family left California and moved to Seattle when I was 8. I started working and buying my own things at the age of 15. At the age of 18 on my way home from work I was mugged by 3 guys and a couple months later was a victim of rape. The next year at the age of 19 I moved out on my own and a month later lost my job and my dad (my step dad that helped raise me). (I have always been close to my mom and am so happy she found someone who loves her the way she needs to be loved after all she's been through and that after a tragedy my younger brother and sister have an amazing dad to support them). Without me realizing, my past led me to abuse that I thought I deserved. I had my daughter who was planned, at the age of 21. I was so happy I lost all the baby weight, but 3 months later I gained it all back and more out of nowhere. I was so exhausted, I was freezing, and I was so depressed. My mom told me to have my thyroid checked and sure enough I had Hypothyroidism that I got from pregnancy. I spent the next couple of years switching doses beacuse none of them seemed to work. With the only advice from health professionals being "Eat healthy and exercise 20 minutes a day" I still had no idea what eating healthy meant or that I had to eat a certain way to help my thyroid and reduce symptoms. One day I looked at myself in the mirrior and was so depressed at the image that was looking back at me. I cried. I wasn't happy and I wasn't healthy. I was tired of being tired! I finally had enough! I spent the next month researching about my thyroid and how food is processed in the body. I made myself a plan that I followed strictly everyday. I brought my daughter to the gym and along with my diet plan and water I was there 6 days a week. My muscles hurt, some from thyroid symptoms and some from my body not being used to exercise. I pushed myself everyday determined to change and be healthy. Every pound was such a big deal to me! Even with hypothyroidism which makes it hard to lose weight, I lost 40lbs in 4 months and over 5% percent body fat and another 10lbs and 13% body fat the following months which took me a year. The best part was my doctor finally telling me my thyroid was normal on the medication I was on and from my lifestyle change. After that I spent some time experimenting on myself with not taking medication. Unfortunately it didn't work so well and I gained weight and some symptoms returned. I then got back on medication and pushed myself until I no longer felt those symptoms. This journey showed me what I was capable of. I started my journey of losing weight with barely any support and had to deal with personal issues and being treated badly in the process, which pushed me to be the person I am today and gave me my own business. It showed me how strong I am and how much I deserve. I share so much with you openly beacuse I know that there are others who have gone through the same things without telling anyone. I want you to know that it is not your fault and that you are beautiful. Don't let the people that hurt you hold power over you by holding onto the pain. Forgive them and take control over your emotions. Don't ever let anyone make you feel less then who you are and don't ever take less than what you deserve. Push for the person you want to be, push for your happiness. I turned my pain into something positive and constructive and I now spend my time helping others lose weight the right way and making it a lifestyle change. From losing weight and helping others I established my own business, got my license, and my dietary therapist certification. I want people to know that weight loss can be done with just food and exercise alone. You don't need to spend tons of money on products. I am an example of that. For every person who told you that you can't do something I want to tell you that you CAN. We are all capable of amazing things, we just have to push and fight for them.

Make yourself proud!!


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