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I have been involved in health and fitness on my own journey for 14 years. I have been helping others with my meal plans and a new lifestyle for 7 years as a licensed business and LLC. I  as well have been coaching mental health and body health in my support challenge groups since May 2018. I have certifications as a Dietary therapist, personal trainer, CPR and medical, have paid for extra classes on nutrition and fitness. Also, I study biology, the human body, and nutrition for years on my own for fun and something I enjoy learning anything and everything about.

I as well have Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos for the last 13 years and have spent all those years learning about the thyroid, ways to manage chronic disease, and have helped hundreds of others with thyroid issues, other chronic illnesses, health problems, and people with no health issues and just wanting to lose weight/fat. I offer inexpensive plans and support challenge groups so more people can get the help they need.

I have always used my own plans my entire journey! With the only help and advice given for my thyroid and weight issues being "Eat good and exercise 20 minutes a day" I got tired of feeling hopeless and lost with my own body. I decided that I was going to learn about the thyroid and human body. From researching and learning I wrote up my own meal plan and put it to action. I was able to lose 40lbs within the first 4 months and get my thyroid levels normal. My journey continued from there. I of course have had flare ups over the years like most people with thyroid issues will struggle with for many different reasons from food sensitivity's to stress. I have worked through them all and anything that has been thrown at me.


My plans have evolved over the years with the changing research in health and science as well as my passion to learn. My current plans center around removing excess inflammation and improving gut health focusing on getting to the source of the issues. Don't just treat the individual symptoms, treat the root cause of the symptoms and problems for optimal health!

Happiness- It isn't a state to arrive at, it is a way of being. Situations may influence who we are but we are responsible for who we become.

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