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     2 week jump start program

The 2 week jump start program is a strict plan of lean protein and very low glycemic vegetables designed to get rid of fat in a short period of time. If followed correctly you can lose 10-20lbs and 5-8 of that being actual fat loss. Beacuse of the calorie deficit you cannot lift heavy or do intense cardio while on the plan. It is intended to be a jump start for your body and has to be followed by a healthy diet after the 2 weeks so that you don't regain back what you lose. This plan is gluten free. Has a shopping list and an example day. NOT for vegetarian, vegan, pregnant, or nursing

   Anti-inflammatory plans

They are meal plans that focus on removing extra inflammation in the body from the wrong foods, stress, and lots of other things. It is a detailed month meal plan with a shopping list and 7 pages of important tips and information with pictures. It gives a list of foods as a guideline if you do not want my recipes in the plan. It goes off of portion control, protein amount, and giving your body the right foods. Anyone can use and benefit from this plan. The anti-inflammatory plans will be the most detailed plans available. This plan is gluten, soy, and dairy free. There are 2 vegan options available for purchase as well! The 2nd and 3rd month are continuations to the first one, both with all different recipes and added tips in each!

 Oohsostacey's Flat tummy program

This program is an exercise program that targets your obliques and abdominals. It comes with a schedule on what to do each week with how many sets and reps. The program has pictures of each exercise, explains how to do them, and lists how many sets and reps to do. The majority of the workouts in this plan can be done at home as well

 Oohsostacey's Booty program

Anti-inflammatory smoothie detox

Green Smoothie

The smoothie detox is a side plan meant to go with the anti-inflammatory plans. It can be done 1 week to 1 month depending on the person. The end of the 2nd week it explains how to start adding in food slowly so there is not a big jump in weight or a hard time digesting. The smoothie recipes also have things you can add to help with certain things like bloating, pain, edema, and more. There is also a lymphatic drainage cleanse at the beginning of the plan that is optional and explains what to do. You can as well do this if you are vegetarian or vegan. Dairy, soy, and gluten free

This program Is an exercise program targeted for workouts for the booty. It comes with a 5 week schedule on what to do for each week. It comes with pictures and descriptions of each workout. It also comes with an instruction and tips page. This page will tell you how to follow, Things that will help, and tips such as how to reduce or get rid of cellulite.  The majority of the workouts in this plan can be done at home as well with dumbbells and weights

Oohsostacey's Upper body workout plan

This program is an exercise program that targets you whole upper body. It comes with a schedule on what to do each week with how many sets and reps. The program has pictures of each exercise, explains how to do them, and lists how many sets and reps to do. This plan mostly requires a gym and machines

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*There are no refunds once plans are sent. There is no way to “return” meal and workout plans. 

*I am not a doctor so can only give an opinion, advice, research and will not advise anyone to stop taking their medication or things of that nature.

* If you have any concerns or complaints please bring it to my attention first so I can try to resolve the problem

*Due to very high amounts of people not saving and/or printing their plans and creating lots more work for me; I no longer resend any plans to people if ordered after a month of initial purchase. You will need to repurchase the plan/s if it is later than 30 days of purchase



Q: Are your plans only for people with thyroid problems?

A: No! They are for anyone and have helped all kinds of health issues as well as people with no health issues at all.


Q: Are your plans gluten free?

A: Yes! They are all gluten, soy, and dairy free.

Q: What kinds of foods are in the plans?

A: There are a variety of foods from soups, chilis, salads, smoothies, pancakes, muffins and so much more depending on the plan. Besides all of the recipes there are lists of allowable foods so if you do not want the provided recipes you can use the guidelines and lists of foods to create your own and stay on track.


Q: Is the food realistic and easy?

A: Yes it is. All simple and inexpensive food and can be easily found in any store. Some seasonings you may need to go to a natural foods store. Organic is of course best and preferred but not required to follow the plans.


Q: What if I do not eat seafood?

A: There is not much seafood in my plans and in the anti-inflammatory plans, any seafood recipe has a substitution at the bottom of each recipe for people who do not eat seafood. On the jump start seafood is only a protein option and easily avoidable in all of my plans. Same goes for red meat. 


Q: Does it require a lot of cooking?

A: You will need to cook all of your food but they are all simple recipes and every plan tells you how to make everything! They also have straightforward guidelines and lists of allowable foods so even without using my recipes you can come up with basic meals with the guidelines and food lists.


Q: Are they family friendly?

A: Well obviously not everything in the plans your family will want to follow with you like egg whites and lean proteins but yes there are recipes that you can make for your family like the yummy gluten free pancakes from the 1st anti-inflammatory plan. I have tons of mommy's with kids who eat a lot of the recipes with mama!


Q: Do you need to be in a challenge group to use your plans?

A: No! The challenge groups I offer are optional for anyone with a meal plan of mine if they'd like accountability with check in's and constant support for the length of the challenge. (All challenge details on the challenge page)




I have perfected my plans by researching and experimenting on myself to find something that works. I have my business license for the company OOHSOSTACEY, LLC, dietary therapist certification, and personal trainer certification. I wrote all of my plans besides the jump start, which my mom wrote. I have worked with and helped thousands of people since 2014. People from all different backgrounds, jobs, ages, body types, health issues- you name it! For more information check out the "About me" page.


I teamed up with my mom for one plan on my website. She was a personal trainer, a CrossFit coach with 4 certifications, and a personal chef for a CrossFit games competitor and gym owner. She wrote the 2 week jump start which she perfected by experimenting many times on herself. It has shown great success for anyone who has followed.

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