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2 Week Jump Start Program only $25
  Anti-Inflammatory smoothie detox Only $9

Do not purchase unless you already have the 1 month meal plan or another plan to follow after the 2 weeks, it is not meant to be done by itself with no plan of a healthy diet after. Not for vegetarian, pregnant, or nursing.

  Anti-Inflammatory Only $25
  Anti-Inflammatory (2nd month)
Only $25

Flat Tummy Workout plan Only $12

Booty Program Only $12

  Anti-Inflammatory (3rd month)
Only $25
Upper body workout plan Only $12

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*There are no refunds once plans are sent. There is no way to “return” or exchange meal and workout plans. It is your responsibility to email me with any concerns before purchasing a plan to ensure it is the right choice for you especially if you have health concerns.

* I am not required to resend anyone their plan if misplaced, lost, etc. It is your responsibility to screenshot, download, and/or print your plans. You can email me if the plan was purchased within 30 days. Any plan after 30 days needs to be repurchased if misplaced, lost, deleted, etc.

*I am not a doctor so can only give an opinion, advice, research and will not advise anyone to stop taking their medication or things of that nature. If you have a reaction to any foods or supplements stop using them or eating them immediately and consult a doctor.

* If you have any concerns or complaints please bring it to my attention first through email so I can try to resolve the problem


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