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No more settling for feeling bad or just ok. No more putting your health to the side because life is busy. Stop waiting for the right time and just do it! Time does not wait until you are ready. Your mental and physical health affect how you handle anything in your life! YOU ARE A PRIORITY! It’s time to act like it! My challenges mostly focus on eating and learning health for lasting life changes. Besides the private social media support groups for the challenges I am also available in an exclusive challenge email for anytime you have questions or need help when you do not want to use the social media groups. Weekly check ins with me every Monday for accountability and to stay on track with your goals. The challenges are 6 weeks long. My next challenge starts May 2nd 2022 and the last day to join is April 30th. There are multiple packages available that include meal plans, workout suggestions, custom macro and eating amounts, as well as a basic package for returning challengers or anyone who already has my meal plans. I also share tips, information, and recipes in my challenges that you won’t find in my plans! Spring into self care 🌷

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