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Due to such high demand for another one I have decided to do another challenge group starting January 19th 2020. If you've never been in a challenge of mine but have thought about it some main things to know would be that working out is not a requirement. The main way to see progress and burn fat is in the way you eat. So my main focus has always been in focusing on that and helping people understand why food is so important. I am more involved in my challenge groups compared to most coaches so the genuine help you receive is at a highly discounted rate. The cost of my entire 8 week challenge you can spend on just 1 training session at a gym! 1 nutrition consultation will cost much more than double what you pay for 8 weeks with me!! The only reason I offer my services and time at such a low price is because I truly want to see you reach your goals! Due to how highly discounted my services are for the challenge there is a time deadline for check ins! I want to help but also need my time respected just as I respect your time and energy since I am not making much income for the 8 weeks compared to the work and time i put in to help! Check in on time every Sunday to stay in the group and challenge! As so many ladies who have been in my challenges will tell you- The support is genuine and rare and there is no challenge like it! I truly pride myself on that! To read more about the requirements and to join, go to my website! Hope to see you there and get to know you!

The picture is progress from someone during multiple challenges of mine and using my meal plans.


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