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How do I do intermittent fasting!?

I’m using my client as an example with her schedule being:

She wakes up at 6/7am and goes to sleep at 10:30pm.

So to do intermittent fasting with the fat burning effects you would need to stop eating at 6pm - no calories at all after 6pm including what you drink. So 6 would be your last thing with calories. Your first meal would be at 10am.

You would be getting 16 hours of fasting And 8 hours of eating. 16/8. That is the typical amount for fat burning as if you go shorter you are burning glycogen which is sugar storage for energy and after the 12-14 hours your body burns fat. Also not eating enough will slow metabolism so when it is your eating window of 10-6pm you want to eat frequently every 1.5-2 hours and high protein. You won’t help your body or progress by not eating or skipping meals during your eating window. You will see doing that will keep you full, you won’t be hungry, and your body will respond great to fasting. Plus you won’t wake up hungry or bloated. 

If you want to break your fast at 9am then stop eating at 5pm Etc.

Anything with calories breaks a fast, including liquid.

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I’m trying out the intermediate fasting. My last meal was at 6pm. So I can’t wake up and work out and start eating my first meal at 10am? I really wanna try this out!


Yes this is good I need to do better with the time I stop snacking before that 4 hour window prior to going to bed!!


michelle mosley
michelle mosley
30 jan. 2020

How often are you doing the fasting, and my gym time is after 6PM. So when does my window begin and end?


Its really hard for me to do that beca my daughter is a full time dancer so we he classes we dont get home like 7 to 8 clock. I also work nights so my family eat late. 😔 what can i do.


Amber Bair
Amber Bair
15 jan. 2020

I'm excited to try this too! I know a lot of people who really like intermittent fasting.

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