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Life is happening NOW

There will always be reasons/excuses why you can’t or didn’t. You have this opportunity NOW, chaos doesn’t stop and there’s never a perfect time. Life will continue to knock you down and hit you with unexpected curveballs- it’s part of life - everyone’s life! The more you accept problems and pain the same way you accept success and happiness the less stress you will create. You feel so unbalanced during those times because you have not embraced them as a normal and just want to feel the good. Without the pain in life you wouldn’t know how to appreciate feeling good and happy. Without the struggle and problems you’ve faced you wouldn’t gain experience with overcoming them and finding solutions. You would not be who you are today without both. You can choose to focus on what you’ve been through in a painful and sad way or you can choose to focus on what you’ve been through and be so damn proud of yourself because you lived through it even when you didn’t think you would! Just like success and happiness is temporary and comes in waves - the same goes for your problems and pain. It is all only temporary. Just ride the waves of life. If you have no control over it, learn to accept it for what it is and find positives and what you have to be grateful for. Stressing over something out of your control will only keep you in the problem. Every single person in this world will live through pain and have struggles and problems - regardless of how well put together they seem or how well they hide it. Your life is RIGHT NOW. The more you focus on the negatives of your life and yourself the more you are taking your life for granted and not acknowledging the strength you hold by living through everything you have so far! You have an opportunity each day you wake up to choose to be better than yesterday. To choose to step out of what is comfortable and keeping you stagnant. To choose to create healthier and more positive habits that will eventually create a new way of living. The more you find reasons for staying the same and keeping things the same the more you resist the change you so desperately want 💯 You can be amazing and still improve. It only continues to create more positives, progress, and growth the more you OWN your power instead of focusing on your weakness.

You CAN do this - the biggest step is knowing that!

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