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Taking vitamins/supplements/meds

Just using this bottle as an example. Any kind of tincture, liquid vitamins, or dissolvable pills - usually homeopathic although some medications you can as well If dissolvable- you want to put it under your tongue not on top or just in your mouth as whatever it is will be much less effective and will take longer to work. When I give people things in person I typically have to tell them to put it under their tongue so this is for anyone who did not know this. A lot of products won’t tell you to do it this way either in their instructions on the bottle. You may have taken something before not under the tongue and didn’t feel it was very effective- this may be why, as under the tongue will have higher absorbency. If it’s a liquid etc let it sit under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing.

“Peak blood levels of most products administered sublingually (under the tongue) are achieved within 10‐15 minutes, which is generally much faster than when those same drugs/vitamins are ingested orally. Sublingual absorption is efficient. The percent of each dose absorbed is generally higher than that achieved by means of oral ingestion.“

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Stacey can I have ur amazon page so I can go and look at what u take? Thanks!

Gefällt mir

Jasmin Almestica
Jasmin Almestica
08. Jan. 2020

Would you mind posting the supplements you take? Just so we can get an idea.

Gefällt mir
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